Time is always progressive and as a result, entering into a new year doesn’t change the fact that we’re still living in the continuation of time.

It is therefore important to be deliberate about developing one’s self into greatness since time is on the move.

Becoming intentional from the outset of the phases of your life puts you in the carriage of achieving more on time.

Faking it till you make it or become that icon of greatness isn’t a sure way to begin any phase of life. In the process of faking, time flies and it’s possible that there may be positive brief changes even in the process of faking for a while.

But if one becomes intentional from the very beginning, that person stands the chance to become result oriented since every second is crowned with intentionality and not a double or unstable mind.

Greatness lies in you discovering yourself and when this happens, there’s no need to fake anything for a while before growing into the reality of it.

So make up your mind to live in the reality of your identity and greatness in life.

Many people say that in the process of faking it, you actually become it – I do not totally agree.

In the process of faking, you can chose not to go on when you encounter challenges along the way. Quitting can become an option in the process of faking.

But when you discover and identify your vision; become intentional about diligently, persistently and consistently moving in the direction of your true greatness, there’s no turning back because quitting is never an option.

If you want to see results in your life, then make up your mind and become intentional.

Do not try to fake it and want to see results before you begin to become the real deal.

Make up your mind, have a vision and create a mental picture of the results you want to experience in any dimension of life.

It is all about intentionality. Do not try out becoming great; instead become great.

By oluwafunke D.