Power Review: What You Should Know Ahead Of Season 6

The 6th and final season of Power is set to premiere on Sunday 25th August after 5 action-packed seasons; all available for binging on Showmax.

Season 5 wrapped with the fate of Angela Valdez (played by Lela Loren), who is a United States prosecutor and flame of James St Patrick, aka Ghost (played by Omari Hardwick), hanging in the balance. But if series creator Courtney Kemp’s Instagram post at the conclusion of season 5 saying “Angela Is Not Dead. #PowerTV #Season6” is anything to go by, then AUSA Valdez will likely be making an appearance in season 6. We’re just not certain in what capacity as Kemp told TVLine: “Lela is in season six, but I can’t say what she’s doing.”

For the uninitiated, Power follows New York City nightclub owner James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick as he tries to extricate himself from the city’s dangerous drug world, in which he is a well-known player. Along the line, Ghost rekindles a romance with his old high school sweetheart, which inadvertently kicks off a series of events including his estrangement from loved ones and close brushes with the law.

From betrayals to huge losses, things are far from rosy for the people in the “big, rich world”, and as we countdown to Sunday’s premiere, here’s a look at where things currently stand.


Strange Bedfellows

Season 5 saw AUSA Valdez get even more entangled in Jamie’s criminal mess. The newly crowned Head of Criminal, Eastern District is now fully in bed with the St Patrick’s criminal dalliances, following her cover up of the murder of Officer Raymond ‘Ray Ray’ Jones (Marcuse Callendar) by their teenage son, Tariq (Michal Rainey Jr). This cover-up sees an unholy alliance formed between Angela, St Patrick and wife Tasha (Naturi Nauhgton), as well as erstwhile business partner, Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora).

As the quartet try to fit into their unholy alliance, Kanan (50 Cent) continues to get close to Tariq luring him further into the drug business. Suspecting that something is amiss, Tasha colludes with Angela to plant Ray Ray’s murder weapon in Kanan’s vehicle, with Tariq later discovered to be in on the plan. While returning from one of his drug runs with Tariq, an unsuspecting Kanan is pulled over by the police following a tip-off from Tasha that Tariq was missing. This results in a shoot-out which leaves Kanan dead, but not before he kills all the police officers.

Meanwhile, with Tony Teresi (William Sadler) out of prison, Tommy seeks to build a relationship with his father to the chagrin of his mother who tries to warn him against this. Tommy cuts her off and forges ahead with Teresi, who unknown to him is a Confidential Informant (CI) for Angela’s colleagues, Cooper Sax (Shane Johnson) and John Mak (Sung Kang). Teresi introduces Tommy to his mob family, but Tommy falls out with them over a previous shooting. Following the shooting episode, Teresi, on the request of the family, opts to shoot Sammy, a foot soldier and Teresi’s closest friend, over Tommy but the gun is not loaded. Teresi, Sammy and Tommy are kicked out after this and the trio get into business together. As father and son get closer, Sax and Mak pile pressure on Teresi for information and he finally implicates Ghost in the murder of Mike Sandoval (David Fumero).

Bad Eggs

Meanwhile at work, Angela’s sleek moves don’t stop Sax and Mak from pursuing a vendetta against her as they work both Teresi and Ghost’s trusted lawyer, Joe Proctor (Jerry Ferrara), to get indicting information on both Ghost and Angela. Elsewhere, Angela, with the help of Adre ‘Dre’ Coleman (Rotimi Akinosho), arrests Alicia Jimenez (Ana de la Reguera) at the hotel where she’s about to have sex with Cristobel (Diego Martinez).

Speaking of Dre, Ghost’s former protégé is now completely rogue and a common enemy of Ghost, Tommy and Kanan, having caused Tommy to lose his suppliers, double crossing Kanan and putting Tariq on the path which eventually led to Raina getting killed by Ray Ray. But Dre’s schemes eventually backfire on him as he’s demoted to the number 2 position after his plot to kill Diego Jimenez (Maurice Compte) ends with the discovery of the latter’s head in the hotel kitchen freezer. Dre is thus demoted for costing the business with the Basset hotel group, which leads Angela to approaching him with a deal.

Back in the Department of Justice, as Angela and her colleagues celebrate the Jimenez win, she notices Sax and Mak acting skittish which leads her to discover the photograph of Teresi with Mak and Saxe. She sends the photos to Jamie who identifies Teresi and gets Vincent to convince Tommy to kill Teresi, knowing Tommy won’t listen to him. Tommy kills Teresi which unfortunately spirals things out of control as Angela is picked up by her Fed colleagues and fingered into a RICO case, naming her as an accomplice to the murder of A.U.S.A. Mike Sandoval. Refusing to talk, Angela asks for 24 hours to make a decision and she circles back to Ghost, Tommy and Tasha to brief them on things, an encounter which reveals Tommy and Tasha’s inclination to kill Angela.

Double Crossed

In the wake of Angela’s arrest, the erstwhile missing lawyer Terry Silver makes a deal with the Feds over Tasha, and so does Dre. After snitching on Alicia, Dre and his girlfriend Tina are attacked by two assassins, and Dre kills both men. He learns that Alicia hired the two men to kill him. Afterwards Dre is then attacked by Tommy and his former employers, then is saved by Steve Tampio, who has him sign a form implicating Alicia in Mike’s and Lobos’s murder. Later on, Dre is taken to protective custody.

Time Out

With time running out for Angie, and loyalties getting increasingly shaky, she meets with Ghost in their old high school to question him about the seemingly missing Terry while Ghost has questions of his own. As they converse, Tommy, who discovers Ghost’s role in the murder of his father and is out for revenge, enters unseen and aims to shoot Ghost as the star-crossed lovers embrace. However, Angela spots him and pushes him out of the way, but not before she’s shot in the chest, ending things for her in a very bad way. Will Angela be the final undoing of Ghost who will no doubt seek revenge with Tommy? It remains to be seen.

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