Ambode’s ex-commissioner – Tinubu has no goal of permitting any Lagos governor do a second term

Olawale Oluwo said Akinwunmi Ambode was given the feeling that he would be permitted to serve two terms as Lagos senator – The previous magistrate said Boss Bola Tinubu anyway had no arrangement of permitting Ambode return as representative.

Oluwo anticipated that Lagos political scene will experience changes which will be unpleasant and grisly Olawale Oluwo who filled in as official for vitality and mineral assets in Lagos state has said that Akinwunmi House not mindful that he would not be given a subsequent term ticket until it was past the point of no return. Watchman reports that the previous official talked at Afang Summit, sorted out by a Lagos-based venture investor, Joseph Edgar. He said “Some portion of the things we were doing before they ceased our administration was building terminals and transport stops everywhere throughout the state. Whenever finished, the venture will take out totally those carports that have been there for a considerable length of time. It’s those carports that are creating touts. There is no requirement for National Association of Street Transport Laborers (NURTW).

“The NURTW makes N82 billion every year from Lagos, which is almost 10 per cent of our budget. So, these things would have eliminated the commercial danfo, the molue, tricycle, and okada and the same guys will be the ones running the new transport system. We never used to ride okada. So, why would okada be normal? this is one of the things we were trying to eliminate. The okada and agbero we see today were not in that future. “I think the Lagos of three to four years may not be the Lagos of the last three to four years. Lagos will change; the change will be tough, rough, and I believe it will be bloody. It will be delusional to think you want to go and do a struggle and you are thinking of coming back. Until you are able to make coming back home a probability, you are not qualified to lead the struggle. You might be qualified to be a supporter or sympathizer of a struggle but you can’t be at the forefront, because nothing good comes easy. Do you think they will leave power and move on?”

The previous commissioner asserted a ton of false stories have been spread about Ambode however that the previous governor has decided not to react keeping in mind professor Yemi Osinbajo. Oluwo said All Progressives Congress chieftain, Bola Tinubu has no arrangement to permit any Lagos senator want a subsequent term. He stated:“I don’t want to believe that Tinubu has the intention of making anybody a governor and then give him a second term. Fashola was not meant to go for the second term. There was a plan to stop Fashola; I was in Ikuforiji’s camp at that time and Asiwaju told him to getting ready. Whatever that implied, I don’t have the foggiest idea, and Ikuforiji was the one in particular that came to challenge against Fashola during the essential. In this way, individuals state most likely it was a result of Fashola’s popularity that earned him a second term. The appropriate response is, ‘no!’ It had nothing to do with that.

“It’s just that that thing (federal might), Asiwaju did not have it in 2011. That was what made him succumb to Fashola going for the second term; he had it (federal might) in 2015. If the party had been in power in 2011, Fashola would never have gone back, because these guys (Fashola and Ambode) are technocrats. They don’t have any party of their own; they don’t have structure. PDP was ready to give Fashola the ticket before Asiwaju ran back.” He said Ambode was unaware that he would not be allowed to do a second term in office as Lagos governor as he was falsely assured of political support.

Oluwo stated: “If Ambode had known a year earlier that he won’t come back, it would have been a different thing, because they sold a dummy to him and to all of us but I didn’t believe them and I told my people that they were being deceived. Ambode did not fight because of Buhari. One, Ambode didn’t know that Buhari would be aloof and will not get himself involved. Two, he had too much respect for Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

“They sold Ambode a dummy, that the ticket will be given to him, but they just wanted to shake him and they were sending people to tell him, ‘don’t worry, you are too popular to be stopped.’” “Nobody has power in Lagos outside Bourdillon. If Ambode had given the impression that he was ready to fight, they would sit him down. It is about power and resources; power does not belong to these people. The lesson learned is that you can be given something on a platter of gold, but you may not sustain it on a platter of gold.”