Amotekun, OPC vigilante arrest 11 suspects terrorising Oyo residents

Agents of Oyo State Security Network Agency otherwise called Amotekun, Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) and Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN) have captured no less than eleven (11) suspects who have been threatening inhabitants of the State.

Every day POST reports that the eleven individuals were captured at various areas in the state.

Amotekum Commandant in Oyo State, Col. Olayinka Olayanju clarified that six of the suspects were captured at Kajola Local Government of the State.

Olayanju in an explanation made accessible to DAILY POST on Thursday expressed that the suspects were captured while the security offices were on their joint routine watch in the early long periods of Thursday .He added that the suspects were captured in independent occurrences following experiences at two illicitly mounted road obstructions.

The suspects incorporate, Awali Atine, Ibrahim Abu, Shuaib Balau, Ibrahim Musa, Abdullah Masika and Umar Aliu Masika.

He talked further by saying that every one of the 6 suspects were of Bororo Fulani ethnic gathering.

He added that the suspects have been given over to the police.

Olayanju while talking additionally kept up that another five (5) suspects were captured in Saki East.

He added that the five individuals have been given over to the DPO around there.

“The criminals whose business as usual is to imagine as herders in the day and viciously ransack guiltless travelers on the parkways around evening time were gotten with 183 cows, weapons and an all out amount of N268, 470.00.

“They have been given over to the Nigeria Police authority of Okeho Divisional HQ, close by the 183 groups, weapons and cash found in their ownership for additional examination.

“Those with vital data that could help the law requirement offices in their examination are ordered to answer to the closest police expert for appropriate examination.