Coronavirus: Egyptians At Gbagada General Hospital, Lagos Cause Scare

There was mayhem at the Gbagada General Hospital, Lagos, on Thursday when four white men suspected to have coronavirus were brought to the crisis ward of the emergency clinic for treatment.

As per sources at the emergency clinic, the men said to be Egyptians, were gotten a private vehicle around 12 PM, with one of them hacking wildly and indicating different manifestations of coronavirus.

One of the sources, who talked with Sunday PUNCH, stated, “It was around 12 PM that they went to the emergency clinic and I was on the job that day.

“In this way, when they found a good pace ward, medical attendants and specialists on the job turned out to take care of them. In any case, after finding a good pace, they saw that the four inhabitants were whites with one of them basically sick and hacking wildly.

“Promptly the medical caretakers and specialists saw them, they all ran away.

“A portion of the attendants started to yell ‘this is coronavirus! Coronavirus isn’t my part. God disallow! Here isn’t IDH (Infectious Disease Hospital), Yaba, it would be ideal if you go there. Where is security? Security, if you don’t mind come and send these individuals out of this spot.’

“At the point when the shouting turned out to be excessively, a portion of the security monitors on the job that day gathered fearlessness from a far distance and requested them out of the medical clinic, since they also were apprehensive and they drove out.

“They were not permitted to descend from their vehicle.

“Everyone ran in light of the fact that a portion of the specialists said the side effects that they saw were unmistakably that of COVID-19.

“Their visit really caused upheaval at the medical clinic.”

Another laborer in the emergency clinic, who likewise talked on state of namelessness, said after the occurrence the administration chose to ban outsiders from the medical clinic.

The source stated, “All specialists at the emergency clinic have been cautioned not to take care of outsiders. Furthermore, anyone whose internal heat level is above 40’C isn’t permitted in.” The source included, “The circumstance (nearness of the four white men) influenced patients on confirmation the same number of individuals pulled back their wiped out family members and friends and family after the occurrence.”

The Medical Director of the emergency clinic, Dr. Adeleke Kaka, who affirmed the episode, in any case, said it was just a single Egyptian suspected to have coronavirus that was brought to the emergency clinic, not four.

Kaka stated, “The person was suspected to have COVID-19 by the specialist that saw him in a private emergency clinic and alluded him to the Gbagada General Hospital. He was sent to Mainland Hospital for additional assessment and testing.”

In any case, he denied claims that wellbeing laborers in the clinic ran away when they saw the four men.