Coronavirus : Glenn Murray gives reasons Premier League should not return

Brighton striker, Glenn Murray, has asked that the English Premier League (EPL) not return until fans are allowed to come to the stadium and watch their teams play.

We recall that the Premier League had postponed the English top-flight competition until April 30 because of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) over the globe.

However, Murray believes football without the fans is not a good idea, adding that he would rather wait until supporters can make a ‘celebratory atmosphere’ across England.

“First and foremost all professional footballers want to finish the league,” Daily Mail quoted Murray as saying.

“It all depends on the timings of the coronavirus and how quickly we can get over this.

“But for me, I watched a couple of games in Italy without fans, and the game’s not the same.

“I think we need to wait until fans can fill the stadiums up.

“Make it a celebratory atmosphere and enjoy being in the stadiums together because, without the fans, football’s just not the same.”