Coronavirus: Keystone Bank donates N1bn to the fight against COVID-19

As a feature of a strong exertion to battle the savage coronavirus flare-up in Nigeria, the administration of Keystone Bank today declared the gift of N1 billion for the acquisition of help materials, basic consideration offices and defensive apparatus to contain the spread of the infection.

The promise was made during the Bankers’ Committee meeting held as of late to help the Central Bank of Nigeria in its offer to raise assets for the battle against coronavirus pandemic through the recently framed Nigerian Private Sector Coalition Committee against COVID-19.

In a press articulation, the Acting Managing Director, Mr. Olaniran Olayinka disclosed that the choice to make the promise is a piece of the bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility column to give an empowering domain by improving the prosperity and strength of the networks wherein we work.

“What we have is a circumstance that requires a comprehensive help for mankind. A period

that all hands must be at hand to help the steady exertion the administration is

making to deal with the circumstance. The choice to help the administration’s exertion is predictable with our resolute determination to advance wellbeing activities which is a key column in our corporate social obligation plans. It is likewise essential in our job as a signatory to the standards of dependable banking by the United Nations Environment Finance Initiative attempting to accomplish a reasonable future”.

“At Keystone Bank, we remain immovably dedicated to our guarantee of supporting Nigerians flourish and this implies for us showing up when it is important most. For us, this is one of such minutes”.

Mr. Olayinka communicated hopefulness that the present pandemic will before long be a relic of days gone by. “I am sure that the current winning wellbeing challenge will before long be a scene in the commentary of our history; We have the fit HR, the desire of the piece of the administration and the help of each Nigerian to end the pandemic at the most punctual conceivable time.”

Remarking further, Mr. Olayinka noticed that the gift is one of other help activities set up by the bank to help the battle against the pandemic.