COVID-19 can be s*xually transmitted – Health Minister

The Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire, said on Thursday there was a high chance of the Covid-19 virus being transmitted through s*xual intercourse.

Ehanire, who disclosed this at a emergency press briefing in Abuja, said he believed the virus could be transmitted sexually if one of the persons involved was positive.

However, this claim is subject to scientific testing as the COVID-19 is a new disease and several types of research are as yet being undertaken on the pattern of the ailment’ transmission.

But some scientists have claimed that the virus can’t be transmitted through sxual intercourse with the exception of by means of oral sx.

On the use of face mask, the minister said the use of face mask isn’t absolutely compulsory, adding that the rush to get the item at all expense, particularly because of the outbreak of coronavirus in the nation would affect its supply for medical personnel.