COVID-19: Spain records 838 more deaths in 24 hours; Imposes tighter rules

For the second day running, Spain saw more than 800 deaths in 24 hours, as indicated by data released by the Spanish Ministry of Health on Sunday.

Up until now, 6,528 people have died in Spain from COVID-19. Since last Sunday, death have surged by 4,808.

As per the numbers released Sunday, Spain has confirmed 78,797 cases, with about 5,000 patients in intensive care and more than 14,700 recovered.

The number of new cases is relatively low, somewhat more than 6,000 in one day. However, Madrid, the epicenter of the virus in the country, has as of late changed its strategy so it will no longer test patients with obvious symptoms.

Spain has been on a relatively strict lockdown since March 14, but on Saturday night, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced even tighter rules.

Non-essential workers, or those who do not directly bolster society in its battle against coronavirus, will be ordered to stay at home from March 30 to April 9.