COVID-19:14% of recovered patients tests positive again in China

Up to 14% of recouped coronavirus patients in China have purportedly tried positive again subsequent to being released from the emergency clinic.

Specialists at a medical clinic in Wuhan, China, where the infection developed detailed that somewhere in the range of 3 and 14% of restored patients became reinfected with the sickness, however it’s indistinct whether they were infectious the subsequent time, the South China Morning Post revealed.

The news comes as specialists raised an alert that China is confronting a second episode because of the expanding number of imported cases just as the ‘quiet transporters’ who show no manifestations.

Tongji Hospital, which distinguished the first COVID-19 case, affirmed that five of 145 patients, a little over 3% tried positive again in nucleic basic analyses, as per state telecaster CCTV.

As per him, five patients who tried positive again didn’t have any side effects and none of their nearby contacts had been contaminated.