Grand Princess Cruise ship held off California coast for coronavirus testing

The Grand Princess cruise ship is being held off the coast of California after a several passengers began to show coronavirus symptoms.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency and test kits are being flown to the cruise ship by helicopter.

The state’s first coronavirus death was an elderly man who was on the cruise ship a month ago.

The ship sailed from San Francisco to Mexico in February.

After some 2,500 passengers got off, the Grand Princess set sail on a new trip to Hawaii before being approached to test the latest travelers.

Governor Newsom says authorities are additionally working to locate the past travelers and test them for COVID-19.

The Grand Princess is owned by Princess Cruises, which additionally runs Diamond Princess. That cruise ship was quarantined in February off the coast of Japan.

Of the in excess of 3,700 crew members and passengers on the Diamond Princess, just about 700 people tested positive for COVID-19.