Lagos govt, transfers Italian man to better facility after threatening to escape

Having condemned the isolation room given to him, because of poor ventilation and mosquito bites, the Lagos state government has on Saturday moved the forty-four year-old Italian man to a better facility.

Disclosing this, Lagos commissioner of health, Akin Abayomi, who appeared on a show on Arise

Akin admitted that the Italian man grumbled about the previous facility, saying he (Italian man) said he is presently comfortable in his new ward.

Recall that the patient had taken steps to get away, in the wake of complaining of mosquito nibbles and blistering climate.

In view of that, Lagos state government acted fast, and moved him in a remodeled facility, that is better than the previous one.

Read what Akin Abayomi stated:

“I saw him at about 6pm yesterday. He was clarifying his condition and we were taking some new information from him.

“He’s in an isolation room without anyone else and we had moved him into a specific room since we were doing a general overhaul of the entire facility since we need to be prepared.

“There were a few distresses in terms of heat, but about 9pm we moved him over to the revamped facility which has lots air conditioners, fans and it’s a 28 bed brand new facility, and he’s there all alone in the entire ward and as of 6am this morning I’m told he’s comfortable.”