Lecturers disclose Why we’re starting strike soon

President of Colleges of Education Academic Staff Union, COEASU, Mr. Nuhu Ogirima, on Friday, uncovered that the association may before long start another strike activity to press home its requests from the Federal Government.

Ogirima made the divulgence in a meeting with journalists in Abuja on Friday while remarking on the five-day cautioning strike by the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) and Non-Academic Staff Union of Universities (NASU).

As indicated by him, COEASU may have no choice than to down devices, because of FG’s inability to satisfy the guarantee made to the association, which provoked it to suspend the strike activity set out upon for more than two months in December a year ago.

“We are also warming up now to embark on strike. The Federal Government has acceded to the demands of the universities at the expense of another sister sector.

“What we require is just about one-tenth of what the universities require. But the federal government left us out completely, refusing to attend to the resolutions we had.

“They promise to release funds in December, they have abandoned that. And now they have even listened to NASU and SSANU, in addition to what they have done for their academic staff, ASUU. In our own case, they have not done anything about it.

“It is unfortunate because they choose to attend to the elitist institution. They left us out because nobody wants to be a teacher; we don’t have the children of ministers, traditional rulers and the ambassadors in our system. That is why it is so neglected.

“And this is destroying our education foundational system. The future of the education industry is clearly the colleges of education. If we do not have colleges of education, what happens to the education of our youths, of our young ones?” Ogirima asked.


The COEASU helmsman said the association has been property gatherings which, as indicated by him, would proceed one week from now and an official choice to be taken after due meeting with individuals.

He said: “We are consulting with our people towards the possibility of another strike action because the promise of N15b made, nothing has been done about that. There is another N2.5b. The N2.5b is about the peculiar academic allowances. That of universities is earned academic allowances. Our own is peculiar academic allowances. And it is just N2.5b that is outstanding now for 2018. That of 2017 is not up to that and they have not done anything about it too.”

On the reappointment of Mallam Adamu as Minister of Education, Ogirima portrayed it as an appreciated advancement, trusting that he would buckle down this time around to discover methods for offering solutions to the plethora of challenges confronting the education sector.