Senator Dino Melaye Said he want to be president after serving as governor

Senator Dino Melaye, the People’s Democratic Party’s Governorship wannabe in Kogi State shared his fantasy of turning into a President after the acknowledgment of his Governorship desire in a gathering with gathering excos at the gathering secretariat in Lokoja.

The Senator speaking to Kogi West Constituency additionally introduced his outline including his main goal and vision for the state when he visited the NUJ press focus on Wednesday July 31.

Dino Melaye expressed that he was in the governorship race to assemble ‘Another Kogi’ and he likewise considers it to be a venturing stone to his presidential aspiration which will take off in 2027.

He stated: “Kogi State isn’t seeing vote based system, what we are seeing is administration of the avaricious, by the ravenous and for the eager; best put as ‘greedocracy’.

“However, when I please board as senator, I will assemble another Kogi State where thoughts will reform the state.

“My administration will exile hunger from the state. Kogi has no business to be poor. I will investigate farming and innovation to pivot the monetary fortune of the state.”

“I have no dad, uncle, in-law or adoptive parents to guide my desire, yet I have the essential prerequisites to confront the APC competitor in the election.
“I fear no body, I just regard people. I have been captured multiple times inside the most recent three years and I have 12 cases in court, however despite everything i’m standing. I have the stuff to face and save the state from Yahaya Bello,” he included.