The Talented ‘orange seller’ with angelic voice was giveing N500k By US-based Nigerian

Viral web sensation Ayomide has been talented the total of N500,000 by a US-based Nigerian man. As per reports, the law enforcement official gave Ayomide the cash to help his instruction.

The little fellow who wound up mainstream after many heard his saintly voice expressed gratitude toward his sponsor for the blessing, Ayomide Adeoyelu the youthful orange vender, who came into spotlight after a video of him singing with a radiant voice became famous online. As far back as at that point, the child vocalist has been in the open eye and has earned a ton of support from many. As of late, a Nigerian man who is a cop in the US distinguished on Instagram as @oshiyoyeolusegun talented Ayomide a total of N500,000.

This cash was purportedly given to help Ayo’s training. Thankful for this blessing, Ayomide shared a video to value the law enforcement official. In the video, the vocalist sang a tune of appreciation to demonstrate his massive appreciation.