UCH (CMD) Chief Medical Director tests positive for Coronavirus

Prof Jesse A.Otegbayo, (CMD) Chief Medical Director of the University College Hospital, UCH, Ibadan has tested positive for Coronavirus.

Otegbayo made this known in an announcement he personally released on Sunday.

According to Dailypost, The doctor said his test became necessary after a colleague tested positive to the virus.

He included that he is as of now self-isolating as he is not having any symptom yet.

“On Monday 23rd March, we commenced a 12-man quarterly board meeting which was meant to last 5 days in the hospital, we observed social distancing and other precautionary measures for covid-19 as much as possible.

“However, on Wednesday morning, one of us presented with what appeared to be symptoms of covid-19, his samples were immediately taken for test and the meeting called off.

“His outcomes returned positive on Friday morning and each participant (including me) immediately went into self-isolation while our samples were also taken for test.

“Lamentably, my outcome returned positive on Saturday evening and I remain in isolation as I am not symptomatic. All staff who have been in contact with me and other participants during this period have been advised to immediately proceed on self-isolation pending the time they get tested.

He, therefore, urged Nigerian to take preventive measures because Covid-19 is spreading faster than we think.

The cases in Nigeria in the past few days have been on a rapid increase.

The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, had confirmed that there are 97 cases of patients with COVID-19 with one death in the country.