Video as Boko Haram strikes Borno again after Buhari’s visit

Various Borno State residents fled their homes Wednesday evening.

This followed an attack by Boko Haram at Jiddari-Polo region, close to Maiduguri, the state capital.

A video via social media shows individuals of various ages trekking inward the city centre, away from the violence.

The new fight occured few hours after President Muhammadu Buhari left Borno on a sympathy visit.

Buhari, was booed, during the visit. Security powers have been drafted to the area and are exchanging fire with the terrorists.

A resident of the area told to Nes Agent that his sibling, a security operative, called him on telephone with a notice not to get back soon.

Additionally, a staff of a non-governmental organisation living in the area, said they were advised to remain indoors and hide.

“I just received a text from our security manager that we should not to cone out but remain indoors and ensure we find safest area in the house to hide”, he disclosed.

Another occupant expressed that he had fled his home to Pompomari at the most distant finish of the city.

“I came in from office and wanted to take a bath when I started hearing sound of gun shots. You know our area has always been their (Boko Haram) route to Maiduguri.

“Quickly, I got my vehicle key and fled before the conflict with soldiers. I discovered that they have been repelled but I am sleeping somewhere else tonight,” he said.

Attempts to get reaction from both the military and the Police in Maiduguri proved abortive as their phones were off as at press time.