Video: What Venita, Jackye did to Mike on Saturday night

What Venita, Jackye did to Mike on Saturday night (Video)
The 2019 Big Brother Naija, BBNaija on Saturday night saw another emotional minute

This time around, the show resulted when Venita went on Mike’s bed, who was profound snoozing and prompted inconvenience.

Venita tied Mike’s legs while Jackye joined as the two of them hauled him away from his bed.

Mike wavered at a few endeavors as they attempted to evacuate his duvet uncovering him with his shorts.

He later blew up as he continued shouting ‘Assent’ asking Jackye to leave his bed.

Mike, who obviously pissed at both female housemates, left the bed and tossed Jackye into the Jacuzzi, secured Venita in the restroom and resigned to bed.

The female housemates appear to have done that attempting to make Mike remain conscious.

Nonetheless, some BBNaija fans communicated frustration over Jackye and Venita’s conduct towards Mike regardless of his supplication to them.

Here are some comments gathered from Twitter;

@Yettydolz “Double standards have to stop. Let’s flip the script, what if it was a married woman that had her personal place invaded by two single men? I’m sure the whole street will be saying it’s sexual harassment. I repeat, Venita & Jackye do not understand boundaries period!

@Jhnequeen “Mike was screaming consent and everyone thinks that what Jackye ‘was doing’ to him was funny and normal!

@ChiamakaOkoye20 “Honestly, I don’t like what Jacky and Venita did last night, truth be told, it is too expensive and Mike didn’t enjoy it either, so they should stop it.”

@Tfass3 “I’m not happy that Mike is entertaining this stupid crap. He should call her to order and set some fucking boundaries. Damn.”

@Iamwinner11 “Jackye should leave Mike (the married man) alone. I think she’s looking for some action before she leaves tomorrow.”

@Peaciy “Mike just bear for now in few hours Jackey is going home.”

@miarilinde “Jackye will Rape MIKE biggie call her to order please.”

@Jay_jee “Come, Jackye and Venita want to rape Mike o.. Isn’t this sexual harassment?

@Gara_ruth “Biggie please caution Jackye already, she is disturbing Mike.”