Young Lady nabbed after boyfriend convinced her to steal hotel’s plasma TV in Delta (Swipe for Video).

Young Lady nabbed after boyfriend convinced her to steal hotel’s plasma TV in Delta.

A Nigerian late was recently caught after she stole a plasma television from a hotel in Delta state.

According to reports, the woman distinguished as Laurenta was affected to take the TV by her boyfriend whom she held up with at the hotel.
Laurenta reportedly smuggled the TV out of the hotel in a ghana-must-go bag and used it as collateral for a N5k loan While many people in relationships are focused on bettering themselves and their partners, the same cannot be said of a couple whose attempt at being the Nigerian Bonnie and Clyde, seems to have failed woefully. According to reports, the lady identified as Laurenta, had lodged at hotel in Delta state known as Kevleyn Hotel with her boyfriend. Laurenta however, conspired with her boyfriend to steal the hotel’s plasma TV, after lodging there for one week.


On how she carried the stolen property out of the buliding, Laurenta told the receptionist her sweetheart was holding the hotel room after being spotted leaving with a Ghana-must-go pack, which had the television inside.

Further reports uncover that her boyfriend who stole the hotel’s towel, umbrella and key left 3 hours after the fact under the falsification of going out to purchase something. After the hotel management discovered what had happened and traced Laurenta to her sister’s house, they were told that she was subjected to mob action earlier after stealing N800k from a guy whom she slept with.
The issue was indicted and she was nearly imprisoned with her sweetheart. Laurenta be that as it may, admitted to the wrongdoing when hauled to the lodging and she allegedly saidshe used the TV to get a loan of N5k. The TV has been retrieved from the men who loaned her the money.