An unreliable relationship / marriage is like a smartphone without a data subscription, like soup without salt. Without trust, relationships lose their taste. Debt and confidentiality are common, and the strength of a relationship / marriage is affected.

Here are five things that affect trust in marriage:

Not fulfilling promises: If you promise and fail, you let your partner doubt every word you say. And many things are wrong because your words do not make sense to your partner. Do not make promises you won’t be able to fulfill.

Confidential phone calls without selected text messages: Voter / Browser Log Rejects the other party’s record to make a call from your partner.. If you want to hide or hide something, your partner’s information can undermine your confidence in yourself.

TELLING LIES: A lie can affect self-confidence, even if it is innocent or unintentional. If you continue to lie to your partner, do not be surprised at the day when he should trust you. If you are telling the truth, he will not do it.

COMMUNICATION: The more you communicate, the more they learn about you. The more they know about you, the more you can trust. Therefore, we know very little about strangers, so we do not trust strangers. Do you and your partner wants to talk about everything with you?

CHEATING: This is the killer of confidence in everything. Cheating on a partner actually takes time to fully trust him again. Do it twice and don’t compromise your trust. It’s easier to lose than to return, and without it, your relationship and marriage are full of useless and unnecessary struggle.