The Colours of Worship 2019

I see Red from a bleeding heart and SkyBlue from a dreaming mind.
I see Black from a confused soul and Whiteness from them that are always after righteousness…
But He said come to Me in worship no matter who you are whatever colour you are shaded with. In the Light of His worship we are all changed to his Glory. The Colour of Worship.
It was once green like the field but the fig trees are not blossoming like it used to be.
But in His presence and at His worship, He sends blessings like rain of Greens to change the look of a  fallow feild.
The grass will Green up again, even with your desired Colours.
Just with The Colours of Worship.
Yes it now yellow for all to see but it was once dull like a darkest night.
What brightens a colour like the Light of life. Your light with the light of others in harmony; the part of the just that shines is like Colours of Worship
Be our Guest!
©The Colours of Worship 2019
*Date: Sun August 25th, 2019.*
Venue: Havana
   Royale Event Centre, Besides First Bank,
    University of Ibadan .
Time: 3:00pm.