UEFA ban: Sam Allardyce reveals Pep Guardiola’s next club

Former England manager, Sam Allardyce has said that Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola ought to head the Italian Serie A to take up the challenge at Juventus next season.

Guardiola’s future with the Premier League champions has been thrown in doubt after the club was banned from the Champions League until 2022 by UEFA.

There is speculation now suggesting that the Spaniard’s move to Juve is very much on the cards.

Allardyce, a former Bolton Wanderers chief, said the move is conceivable, adding that Guardiola’s assurance to demonstrate his managerial worth in various nations does the switch an appropriate one.

“I think so. If you look at Pep, we were all surprised he left Barcelona,” Allardyce told the Mirror.

“He’s a Barcelona man, he’s born and bred and he has been through the playing days and coaching behind the scenes with the youngsters, and then the top job, and then he wins the Champions League LaLiga, on a regular basis and then goes: ‘Boosh! I’m having a

year off.’

“He concluded Germany was the next adventure and what was impressive about Pep was that he could speak German.

“That year he took off he showed himself how to communicate in German, so when he initially went he realized how to convey, which is very important if you go abroad.

“At that point he has three seasons there and comes to Manchester City. He’s had some extraordinary years at Manchester City now and Italy is another challenge.

“So he looks like it’s a bit of, ’I need to go to Italy and challenge myself there and show them what I can do in that country’.

“Which is huge in football terms, similar to it is in Germany and England and Spain, so challenge for him runs along a line somewhat like what Jose

Mourinho has done.

“Portugal, Chelsea, Milan, Madrid and now Jose is back where most like to be, in the Premier League.

“It’ll be dismal to lose Guardiola on the grounds that he has brought such a great amount to the Premier League in his time and we’re all better off for him.”