Grammy-winning rapper, Drake attends Nike’s Nigeria Kit Launch

The Canadian superstar was in attendance as Nike presented the new Super Eagles designs at their 2020 Forum in New York on Wednesday

Grammy-winning rapper Drake was one of the superstars in participation as Nike uncovered their new Nigeria kit design on Wednesday.

Shared on Instagram of the Canadian superstar in the first row of the Nike 2020 Forum in New York as the new designs were revealed in front of New York Fashion Week

The 33-year-old was joined by fashion designer, artist and DJ Virgil Abloh, who is of Ghanaian origin at the runway show at the Shed venue in Hudson Yards.

Just as the new Nigeria ‘Swoosh’ design, Nike likewise disclosed new kits for South Korea and the United States national groups, with new collections for other federations set to be released in the coming months.

Following in the strides of Nike’s observed ‘Naija’ collection, the new Super Eagles kits combine elements of Nigerian fashion and art.

Nike have likewise declared that the units are only one element of a broader collection of Super Eagles apparel, with fans additionally ready to buy a vest, a dress or even a poncho with a Nigeria design element.

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