Fear always stand as an obstacle or hinderance to a course of action.It causes people to avoid the risk of any kind, and to reject opportunities that leads to success. If you run away from your fear, it will surely defeat you, but rather challenge your fear.

Some people tends to have fear in the following areas;-
fear of taking risk on a business idea, fear of embarking on a trip, and fear of failure. If you are fearful in taking risk, then such life will be limited, progress will be at limited stage. In whatever area you are fearful, there’s need to face your fear.

Challenge your fear. Someone said Fear is ;
F —- force
E —- evidence
A —- appearing
R —- real.
If you are the type that travels, when you are driving through an Express road,you will discover that it seems there’s lot of water ahead of you, but the more you get closer you will discover that there’s no water.
It is called mirage. When you work to overcome your fear, the more fear will disappear, but when you run away from your fear, the more it becomes bigger and hard to you.

Instead of staying away from that business idea , why can’t you face your fear by taking step to make all necessary findings and research towards the business, and there’s nothing wrong in starting the business.

If you fail, it is just a signal to tell you, that you can try some other way or procedure.

So also is applicable to all sphere. Fear can be overcome.


  • January 12, 2020 at 3:14 PM

    I believe fear is an emotional state that alerts one on the need to get prepared or equipped one for the task ahead as a result of potential failure; the negletion of this or staying rigid to it is the major reason for not overcoming it.
    It is a common phenomenon that the fear of failure has led many student to study hard in order to excel in their studies.What fear simply do for those who understand its purpose is simply to breed cautiousness in them.

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