Anambra doctors commence indefinite strike

Medical Doctors in Anambra State, under the aegis of Conference of Civil Service Doctors, on Sunday, set out on an indefinite strike activity.

The strike, News Agency learnt is continuation of the supposed disappointment of the state government to agreement signed with them.

The State Chairman of the group, Dr Livinus Chukwuma, who briefed reporters at the General Hospital Onitsha, yesterday stated, “This strike is necessitated by the failure of the state Government to adhere to the agreement signed with the Civil Service Doctors and Nigerian Medical Association on one part and the Government of Anambra state on the other.”

He reviewed that doctors in the state had before set out on 13 months strike action because of the disappointment of the state government to acknowledge the Consolidated Medical Salary Structure, as endorsed by the Federal Government as the standard for all doctors in the federal civil services.

He said that the strike was canceled after mediation by famous people and an agreement reached and an MoU signed which, stipulated that the government would periodically review the salaries until 100 per cent was achieved, starting from 50 per cent.

He said that Federal Government in 2014 reviewed the CONMESS upwards.

“This is inspite of all endeavors made for state government to see reason, remembering an warning strike for 2019, the review has not affected our salaries.”