Boko Haram is disappointed – Buhari

The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), said on Sunday night that his administration has weakened militant groups in the nation, including the Boko Haram group.

The retired major general said “Boko Haram is disappointed”, including that the occasional assaults on civilians in the nation by terrorists were propaganda to paint them as solid while they have been demolished by the military.

Buhari, who expressed this in an announcement by one of his media assistants, Garba Shehu, denounced Boko Haram assault on Garkida, Adamawa State.

Buhari stated, “These assaults on soft targets by terrorists are evident indications of dissatisfaction in light of the fact that my administration has significantly debilitated Boko Haram’s military ability to attack and hold A nigerian territory unchallenged.

“These occasional and episodic assaults on poor civilians by terrorists are mere propaganda efforts to depict them as strong so as to trick the general public into believing that they haven’t been militarily debilitated by our brave soldiers.”

The President said in the coming weeks Nigerians would witness a aggressive campaign to defeat Boko Haram unequivocally.