Buhari’s wife, Aisha said “Nigeria may face worse security problems”

Nigeria First Lady, Aisha Buhari, on Monday, warned that Nigeria may confront more awful security problems.

She, in this manner, called for cooperative energy among all security agencies.

Aisha urged them to re-strategize and rethink the security structure so as to stem the rising instances of fear based oppression in Nigeria.

She made the call at an international conference on state and security held at the Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) Kaduna.

Aisha Buhari urged government to look into the welfare of security personnel.

“Security in Nigeria remains the greatest challenge, it is high time to explore new strategies and approaches.

“If care is not taken, we will be expecting the worse of the security problems we are facing in Nigeria,” NAN quoted her as saying.

The First Lady spoke to Nigerians to stay vigilant and provide relevant information to security agencies to avert any potential threat.

“All lawbreakers are individuals from our general public and they live in our middle, parents have the responsibility of ensuring that we take exceptional interest in the development of our children”, Aisha said.