Powerful earthquake rattles southwestern Iceland

A magnitude-5.2 earthquake has rattled southwestern Iceland, the Icelandic Met Office says.

There were no quick reports of any harm or wounds.

The earthquake was the largest to hit the Reykjanes landmass, southwest of the capital, since 2013.

The Met Office has recorded a ton of seismic action there in recent weeks.

The epicentre was about 3.6 kilometers north of the small settlement of Grindavik.

The action has been attributed to possible accumulation of magma on the peninsula, additionally resulting in a land rise.

There was no sign of whether the earthquake was a precursor of a potential eruption, which experts have said could result about a lava flow.

It was reported that the quake was likewise felt in Reykjavik as per public broadcast RUV.

Iceland’s main international airport is situated on the peninsula.