Re-appointment: Trump to hold Pence as running mate

U.S. President, Donald Trump said on Sunday, that he would keep VP, Mike Pence, as his running mate when he looks for re-appointment in November 2020.  “I’m content with Mike Pence,” Trump, who is required to effortlessly win the Republican selection for a subsequent term, told journalists before boarding Flying corps One in New Jersey. At the formal dispatch of his 2020 crusade, Donald Trump promised to convey another “quake at the tallying station” in 2020, talking before 20,000 cheering supporters in Orlando, Florida. The US president cautioned that “the bog” he had promised to deplete during his 2016 battle was “battling back so violently and fiercely” that he required an additional four years in office. Mr. Trump bragged his presidential accomplishments including making a US economy that was “the jealousy of the world”, announcing: “The American dream is back.” He likewise painted the Popularity based Gathering, his political adversaries, as “radical communists”, cautioning that, “they need to annihilate you, they need to wreck our nation as we probably am aware it.” The rally, in a key swing state, was generally welcomed among supporters in the arena, who cheered and sneered at Mr Trump’s turns of phrase – including more than once booing the “phony news” media.